Thursday, January 17, 2013

Poll Watch: Rasmussen (R) Survey on Global Warming

Rasmussen (R) Poll on Global Warming

How serious a problem is global warming? 
  • Very serious 37%
  • Somewhat serious 26%
  • Not very serious 20%
  • Not at all serious 14%
Is global warming caused primarily by human activity or by long-term planetary trends? 
  • Human activity 43%
  • Long-term planetary trends 39%
  • Something else 5%
  • Not sure 13%
Is there a conflict between economic growth and environmental protection?
  • Yes 50%
  • No 32%
  • Not sure 18%
Are Americans being selfish by putting their economic concerns ahead of the fight against global warming? 
  • Yes, being selfish 34%
  • No, not being selfish 49%
  • Undecided 17%
To generate cleaner energy and fight global warming, it might cost Americans more money each year in taxes and utility costs. How much are you willing to pay each year in higher taxes and utility costs? 
  • Nothing: 49%
  • $100: 25%
  • $300: 9%
  • $500: 10%
  • $1,000: 0%
  • More than $1,000: 0%
Note: Sixty-five percent (65%) of Republicans are not willing to pay any more in taxes or utility costs to generate cleaner energy and fight global warming, compared to 38% of Democrats and 46% of unaffiliated voters.
National survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted January 15-16, 2013. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points.
Inside the numbers: 
Democrats and voters not affiliated with either major party view global warming as a much more serious problem than Republicans do. This is explained in part by the fact that most Republicans consider it the product of long-term planetary trends, while the majority of Democrats believes it is due to human activity. Unaffiliated voters are evenly divided.
Voters in President Obama’s party believe less strongly than the others that there is a conflict between economic growth and protecting the environment. They also tend to think Americans are selfish for putting economic concerns ahead of the fight against global warming; most GOP voters and a plurality of unaffiliateds disagree.
Women and voters under 40 consider global warming more of a problem than men and older voters do.

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