Saturday, October 22, 2011

Poll Watch: AP-GfK Political Survey

AP-GfK Political Survey

Do you consider yourself a supporter of the Wall Street protests, or are you not a supporter of the Wall Street protests? (IF SUPPORTER: Do you support the Wall Street protests strongly, or moderately?)
  • Strongly support 17%
  • Moderately support 20%
  • Not a supporter 56%
Do you consider yourself a supporter of the Tea Party movement, or are you not a supporter of the Tea Party movement?
  • Strongly support 10%
  • Moderately support 18%
  • Not a supporter 68%
Survey of 1,000 adults, 85% of whom are registered to vote, was conducted October 13-17, 2011. The margin of error is +/- 4 percentage points. Party ID breakdown: 31% Democrat; 23% Republican; 32% Independent. Political ideology: 39% Moderate; 21% Somewhat conservative; 18% Strongly conservative; 12% Somewhat liberal; 8% Strongly liberal.

Inside the numbers:
Of the Americans who support the Wall Street protests, 64 percent in the poll are Democrats, while 22 percent are independents and just 14 percent are Republicans. The protest backers are more likely to approve of President Barack Obama and more likely to disapprove of Congress than are people who don’t support the demonstrations.

The poll found that most protest supporters do not blame Obama for the economic crisis. Sixty-eight percent say former President George W. Bush deserves “almost all” or “a lot but not all” of the blame. Just 15 percent say Obama deserves that much blame. Nearly six in 10 protest supporters blame Republicans in Congress for the nation’s economic problems, and 21 percent blame congressional Democrats.

Six in 10 protest supporters trust Democrats more than Republicans to create jobs.

Most people who support the protests — like most people who don’t — actually report good financial situations in their own households.

Still, protest supporters express more intense concern than non-supporters about unemployment at the moment and rising consumer prices in the coming year.

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