Friday, February 25, 2011

Mike Huckabee on Morning Joe

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BONUS VIDEO: FOX NEWSGov. Huckabee joins Tom Sullivan to discuss the fight over state budgets, our massive entitlements and his new book "A Simple Government"

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Closer To Home said...

So, on that basis, Huck is not running. How does a candidate who has never been successful at raising money convince himself that he can beat a sitting president that raised $750,000,000 last cycle as a nominee?

I maintain that Huck is neither planning on nor preparing to run. If the point is winning, we would have seen a stalwart effort to raise money in his PAC, to build a network of fundraisers and bundlers.

So, other than to sell books, why the extraordinary presence in IA and SC on the book tour? While he isn't planning on running personally, he is planning on leveraging his influence over who the eventual nominee is (and isn't). And you don't have to look any further than the list on endorsees from 2010 to see what the standards are going to be. That person will have to be a dyed in the wool "lifer".

Huck had a penchant for endorsing hard life candidates in 2010 with little or no chance to win. I think his choice will have to be more viable this time if he is going to head off Romney.

I think the only two that could qualify as unapologetic, hardcore socons are Santorum and Pawlenty, both of which have been highlighting their bona fides of late. I predict Huck backs Tim.