Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poll Watch: ABC News/Washington Post Survey on the Situation in Libya

ABC News/Washington Post Survey on the Situation in Libya

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling the situation in Libya? Do you approve/disapprove strongly or somewhat?
  • Strongly approve 23% (24%)
  • Somewhat approve 19% (22%)
  • Somewhat disapprove 19% (14%)
  • Strongly disapprove 30% (20%)
  • Total Approve 42% (45%)
  • Total Disapprove 49% (34%)
A coalition of international forces has been enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya, and attacking Libyan forces when they’re believed to be threatening civilians. Do you support or oppose the participation of U.S. military aircraft in this effort? (IF SUPPORT U.S. MILITARY PARTICIPATION) Should this military action be carried out only to protect Libyan civilians, or should it also seek to remove Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi from power?
  • Support - Also seek to remove Gaddafi from power 32%
  • Support - Only to protect civilians 22%
  • Oppose 40%
  • Total Support 56%
  • Oppose 40%
(IF SUPPORT U.S. MILITARY PARTICIPATION) Do you think the level of U.S. military involvement in the situation with Libya should be increased, decreased, or kept about the same as it is now?
  • Increased 18%
  • Decreased 11%
  • Kept about the same 68%
Survey of 1,001 adults was conducted April 14-17, 2011. The margin of error is +/- percentage points. Results from the poll completed March 13, 2011 are in parentheses.

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