Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poll Watch: Rasmussen (R) 2012 Presidential Survey of Uncommitted Voters

Rasmussen (R) 2012 Presidential Poll of Uncommitted Voters
  • Mitt Romney 22%
  • Barack Obama 16%
  • Sticking with some other candidate 29%
  • Remain undecided 33%
How would you rate the job Barack Obama has been doing as president? 
  • Strongly approve 1%
  • Somewhat approve 28%
  • Somewhat disapprove 34%
  • Strongly disapprove 32%
Survey of 653 uncommitted likely voters pressed to say which candidate they’re leaning towards was conducted July 2-15, 2012. The margin of error is +/- 4 percentage points. This sample is comprised of the 8% to 10% of voters who refuse to commit to either Obama or Romney. About half of them prefer a 3rd-party option, and the other half are undecided. Party ID: 18% Democrat; 17% Republican; 65% Independent.

Inside the numbers:
Only 13% of these uncommitted voters are following the campaign on a daily or near daily basis. That’s just one-third the interest level of all voters.

On the generic Congressional ballot, 26% plan to vote Republican; 23% prefer a third party, and 20% expect to pull the lever for a Democrat. A plurality (31%) is undecided.

Demographically, 81% of the uncommitted voters are white, only 4% are black. The gender and age mix is similar to the population at large.

Ideologically, those who prefer a third-party candidate are largely conservatives and moderates. Half (49%) of those who are completely undecided are politically moderate.

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