Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inglis: Reagan Would Not Be Welcome in Today's GOP

Bob Inglis has stated that Ronald Reagan would have a difficult time in the Republican Party today. From The Hill.

Inglis, a Palmetto State Republican who was defeated earlier this year in a conservative primary challenge, said that "optimistic" conservatives might have been threatened by the conservative Tea Party movement.

"Well, not so much moderates. Surely, maybe they're unwelcome, but also conservatives of the optimistic sort," Inglis said during an appearance on CNN in response to a question about whether centrists were being forced out of the GOP.

"I think this would be a tough time for Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp," Inglis added. "They were optimists that believe in America. Right now, unfortunately, conservatism is being presented with a voice of snarling rather than a face of smiling, and it really doesn't fit America."

Of course, I don't think that Inglis goes far enough. It is not just the negative tone that would make Reagan feel uncomfortable. He would flat out fail some of the litmus tests put forward by Republicans. Literally.

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