Friday, April 08, 2011

Budget Deal Aborted Because Pro-Life GOPers Play Hardball Over Birth Control? [UPDATE: Chuck Todd: 'Safe to Say a Deal Is At Hand']

UPDATE: Deal on riders, total cuts still uncertain - By Jake Sherman, POLITICO

Negotiators close on deal to avert government shutdown - By David Rogers, POLITICO

Congressional Sources: White House Reviewing Terms of Spending Deal - By Susan Davis and Dan Friedman, National Journal

Negotiators ready to table Planned Parenthood measure?

NBC's Chuck Todd reports:
At this hour, it appears that negotiators are prepared to put the fight over federal funding of Planned Parenthood aside for the moment, increasing the chances of a deal to avert a government shutdown. 
One GOP source says "the issue has been resolved," while a Democratic source describes the talks as "almost there" on the so-called 'rider' that has proven to be the biggest and last stumbling block to an agreement. 
Still another source says that the issue is no longer on the table. 
Basically, these sources indicate that negotiators will drop the rider from the current spending bill, thus clearing the way for a deal as long as there is a basic agreement on all other spending matters.

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