Saturday, September 08, 2012

Real Time with Bill Maher

VIDEO: Bill Maher Finally Goes Head To Head With Christine O’Donnell On Real Time - Mediaite


Notable Quotes from Real Time:
Bill Maher on long gone privacy for presidents, notes of FDR: "People didn't even know he was a cripple, or his wife was a dyke."

Steve Schmidt on Bill Clinton: “He’s a force of nature. He got the Democratic delegates to clap for George W. Bush. It’s just amazing. He’s a political talent like no other. And we don’t have anyone like that on our side.”

Jim VandeHei on campaign financing: “Until this election, unions undoubtedly had as much money getting pumped into elections as corporations. That is verifiable. What is different this time around is Republicans are going to bury the Democrats from now until the end.”

Jim VandeHei: I just spent a bunch of time in Chicago and Boston, talking to operatives on both sides. They both openly – they’re gleeful about the fact that they don’t think facts matter anymore. Both sides. The Obama campaign is just as bad as the Romney campaign…All I’m doing is articulating to you what they’re telling us about how they’re operating the campaign. They both feel that that’s what you have to do – that everybody has such a short attention span, that nobody will pay attention to any fact or lie for more than 18 hours, that you keep doing it over and over. And you hear that from both sides.

Jim VandeHei on relationship (or lack thereof) between Presidents Obama and Clinton: “Barack Obama and Bill Clinton do not like each other personally…Over the last year, Barack Obama decided ‘I need Bill Clinton. I need him as a political asset.’ So, they went golfing, and they’ve been hanging out more often. And in every conversation related to us, it’s Bill Clinton talking, talking, talking, talking. And Barack Obama having to stomach it because he knows he needs him.”

Jim VandeHei on Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention: “He was disconnected from the rest of that convention. If you were there watching it, his speech was so radically different to me than almost every speech up there. He didn’t talk about abortion. Didn’t talk about gay rights. Never mentioned the word Bain. Never bashed business. That’s not what the rest of the Democratic Party was doing. If that was the modern Democratic Party – was Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton would be walking away with this election.”

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