Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rush: The Senate is Full of Moderate Republicans

And Scott Brown going on and on and on, "There's no more room for moderates." Mr. Brown, let me tell you something. Look around you in the Senate. You are surrounded by moderate Republicans, Mr. Brown. You're surrounded by 'em. Not only where you live but in the Senate, surrounded by 'em. You got moderate Republicans in Maine. After this election you're still going to be surrounded by moderate Republicans in the Senate. What are you talking about? No more room for moderate Republicans in the Senate? The question is whether there is room for Reagan conservatives anymore in the Republican Party. That's the question. That's what this is all about. These guys are whining and moaning already, "Oh, my God, (crying) may not be any room for moderates." For crying out loud, we're surrounded by 'em in the US Senate. By the way, Mr. Brown, with all due respect, if it weren't for conservatives and Tea Party activists nationwide raising money for you, you wouldn't be in the Senate. What is this, "Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, there's not enough room for moderates." Plenty of them. It's Reagan conservatives that are the target here.

I suppose we can chalk this up as one more bogeyman that the talk radio crowd has set up -- moderates. This list includes the establishment, the media, elites, Islam, socialists, etc.
The problem with arguing that the Senate is full of moderate Republicans is that this can so easily be proven false. I mean really. Just count them. In the words of Rick Moran,

The next time a tea party elitist talks about the GOP senate being lousy with RINO’s, I demand they name names. Who do they think is a “moderate” besides the obvious targets? There better be a lot more than 6 or 7 in order to make good on their observation about the senate being full of moderates. I’m sure we will be surprised to learn who they believe doesn’t measure up to their ever narrowing definition of conservative. More than likely, many senators they believe are RINO’s would hold views to the right of Reagan.

I am starting to agree with Nate Silver that the more the FoxNews/Talk Radio wing of the Republican Party repudiates moderate Republicans, the better they look. It is an unintentional endorsement.

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