Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poll Watch: Mason-Dixon Virginia 2012 Senatorial Survey

Mason-Dixon Virginia 2012 Senate Poll
  • George Allen (R) 46%
  • Tim Kaine (D) 46%
  • Undecided 8%
Survey of 625 likely voters was conducted January 16-18, 2012. The margin of error is +/- 3.9 percentage points.

Inside the numbers:
Kaine wins 90 percent of Democrats. Allen earns 91 percent of Republicans. By a six-point margin, independents lean toward Kaine.

Forty-one percent (41%) say they have a favorable opinion of Allen, while 39 percent have a favorable opinion of Kaine. But the percentages of voters having unfavorable impressions of each candidate is 18 percentage points fewer than their respective favorability ratings.

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