Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poll Watch: SurveyUSA/WFLA-TV Tampa-St. Petersburg 2012 Republican Presidential Debate Survey

SurveyUSA Tampa-St. Petersburg 2012 GOP Presidential Debate Poll

Who won the debate? Or, was there no clear winner?
  • Newt Gingrich 34%
  • Mitt Romney 26%
  • Ron Paul 11%
  • Rick Santorum 5%
  • No Clear Winner 24%
Did the debate help you make up your mind about how or whether you will vote in the primary? Did the debate make it harder for you to make up your mind? Or did the debate have no effect either way?
  • Debate helped 47%
  • Debate made it harder 9%
  • Debate had no effect 41%
Survey of 179 Republican debate watchers in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota, Florida designated market area was conducted January 24, 2012. The margin of error for the full sample of 310 debate watchers is +/- 5.7 percentage points.

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