Sunday, September 23, 2012

Poll Watch: Rasmussen (R) Pennsylvania 2012 Senatorial Survey

Rasmussen (R) Pennsylvania 2012 Senate Poll
  • Bob Casey (D) 49% [49%] (48%)
  • Tom Smith (R) 42% [38%] (41%)
  • Some other candidate 2% [4%] (3%)
  • Undecided 7% [9%] (7%)
Survey of 500 likely voters was conducted September 19, 2012. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted July 18, 2012 are in square brackets.  Results from the poll conducted May 21, 2012 are in parentheses.

Inside the numbers:
Both candidates draw only 77% support from voters in their respective parties. Voters not affiliated with either major party prefer Casey by nearly two-to-one, 53% to 29%.

Casey leads among male and female voters and among voters in all age demographics.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Pennsylvania voters share a favorable opinion of Casey, while 39% regard him unfavorably. This includes 13% who view him very favorably and 20% very unfavorably.

For Smith, favorables are 47% and unfavorables 33%, with 15% who have a very favorable opinion of him and 19% with a very unfavorable one. But with Election Day only weeks away, 20% of the state’s voters still don’t know enough about the GOP candidate to venture any kind of opinion of him.

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