Thursday, September 20, 2012

Poll Watch: University of Connecticut/Hartford Courant 2012 Presidential Survey

UConn/Hartford Courant Connecticut 2012 Presidential Poll
  • Barack Obama-Joe Biden (D) 53%
  • Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan (R) 32%
  • Undecided 12%
Which presidential candidate is the most trustworthy? 
  • Barack Obama 51%
  • Mitt Romney 26%
Which presidential candidate do you think will do a better job representing women?
  • Barack Obama 58%
  • Mitt Romney 21%
Survey of 508 likely voters was conducted September 11-16, 2012. Party ID: 53% Democrat; 29% Republican; 18% Independent. Political ideology: 49% Moderate; 26% Conservative; 24% Liberal.

Inside the numbers: 
Romney received support from 84 percent of self-identified Republicans, 68 percent of conservatives and 3 percent of liberals, the poll showed. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and the founder of a private equity firm, is also favored by 82 percent of voters who supported McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, in 2008. Only 5 percent of Obama supporters favored McCain-Palin.

The Connecticut poll also showed that Obama is supported by 93 percent of liberals, 89 percent of self-identified Democrats, and 21 percent of conservatives.

Regardless of whom they were voting for, 58 percent of those polled said they believe that Obama will win in November and 17 percent said that Romney would emerge victorious.

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