Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tim Pawlenty 2012 Ad: "Results Not Rhetoric"

Here come the political ads: Pawlenty says he’ll bring results

Seeking breakthrough, Tim Pawlenty is first Republican to launch Iowa TV ad

Pawlenty’s First Iowa Ad Aims at Romney

Bachmann, Pawlenty battle for Iowa voters

Democrats, Tim Pawlenty both look to Minnesota
DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse emails to argue that the "Minnesota Tim Pawlenty left behind wasn’t nearly as rosy as he’d like voters in Iowa to believe." 
"Pawlenty left Minnesota with a projected $6.2 billion deficit, higher property taxes, higher tuition rates and all this after slashing spending on critical services for education and seniors," Woodhouse says. "If Tim Pawlenty is looking for a resume item to make the case for why he should be president he should look beyond his failed tenure as Governor of Minnesota." 
Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky sent out a statement hitting Pawlenty on the same theme: "He didn't cut spending in real terms, but instead balanced the budget with stop gaps and gimmicks which left his [successor] with a $6.2 billion deficit."

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