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Poll Watch: Bloomberg/Selzer & Co. New Jersey Survey on Governor Chris Christie

Bloomberg/Selzer & Co. New Jersey Survey on Governor Chris Christie

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Chris Christie is doing as governor?
  • Approve 44%
  • Disapprove 51%
Do you approve or disapprove of the job he is doing:

With bringing jobs to New Jersey
  • Approve 37%
  • Disapprove 48%
With cutting state government
  • Approve 44%
  • Disapprove 46%
With relations with unions
  • Approve 39%
  • Disapprove 47%
With tax policy
  • Approve 35%
  • Disapprove 55%
With environmental issues
  • Approve 33%
  • Disapprove 38%
With public education
  • Approve 40%
  • Disapprove 54%
A lot of things can happen between now and November of 2013 when Governor Christie would potentially be on the ballot to be re-elected as governor. But if that election were held today, would you definitely vote to re-elect Governor Christie, probably vote for him, probably vote for another candidate or definitely vote for another candidate, or would you likely not vote?
  • Definitely vote for Christie 23%
  • Probably vote for Christie 16%
  • Probably vote for another candidate 14%
  • Definitely vote for another candidate 37%
  • Would not vote 6%
Since Governor Christie took office in January of 2010, has your opinion of him gotten better or gotten worse, or has it not changed?
  • A lot better 16%
  • A little better 9%
  • Not changed 29%
  • A little worse 12%
  • A lot worse 33%
I’m going to mention some things Governor Christie has done or is trying to do as governor. For each, please tell me if you favor or oppose the action.

Cancelled funding for a commuter rail tunnel to New York City
  • Favor 41%
  • Oppose 51%
Used a state helicopter to attend his son’s baseball game
  • Favor 21%
  • Oppose 70%
Eliminated property tax credits
  • Favor 28%
  • Oppose 57%
Cut 1.7 billion dollars in the state education budget
  • Favor 31%
  • Oppose 65%
Proposed a plan to require public employees to pay for 30% of their health care insurance premiums
  • Favor 52%
  • Oppose 43%
Has cut regulations on business by a third with the goal of attracting new businesses to New Jersey
  • Favor 59%
  • Oppose 31%
Has enacted a cap on property tax rates
  • Favor 62%
  • Oppose 28%
Has proposed ending seniority rules for teachers that required the newest teachers to be the first to be laid off
  • Favor 44%
  • Oppose 50%
Introduced merit pay for teachers
  • Favor 63%
  • Oppose 26%
Let a surcharge on corporate business taxes expire so businesses would pay less in state taxes
  • Favor 39%
  • Oppose 52%
Vetoed an extension of a so-called “millionaires” tax surcharge on income over $500,000
  • Favor 33%
  • Oppose 58%
In general, in debates about the budget between Governor Christie and public employee unions, do you side with Governor Christie or with the public employee unions?
  • Public employee unions 50%
  • Governor Christie 38%
I have a couple of questions about health insurance and public employees. Governor Christie is proposing that all state employees be required to pay an average of $3,600 per year. Is it your sense this would mean on average public employees would be contributing more, less, or about the same as private sector employees contribute to health insurance premiums?
  • More 24%
  • Less 23%
  • About the same 38%
Some have described this health insurance proposal as a strong-arm tactic to remove health insurance benefits from collective bargaining with public employee unions, while others see it as an honest move to cut expenses and make public employees more responsible for health care costs. How about you—do you see it more as a strong-arm tactic, or more as an honest move to cut costs?
  • Honest move to cut costs 52%
  • Strong-arm tactic 42%
If the vote for president were today and the candidates were Barack Obama for the Democrats and Chris Christie for the Republicans, for whom would you vote?
  • Barack Obama 56%
  • Chris Christie 33%
At any time since 2009, have you considered yourself a supporter of Chris Christie? (If yes)
How would you describe yourself now?
  • Yes, I still support him as much as I ever did 27%
  • Yes, I still support him but not as much as before 4%
  • Yes, some days I support him, some days I don’t 11%
  • Yes, he disappointed me and I no longer support him 2%
  • Yes, I am angry and now actively oppose him 2%
  • Never supported him 53%
Regardless of any party affiliation, do you consider yourself a supporter of the Tea Party movement?
  • Yes 23%
  • No 67%
Favorable / Unfavorable {Net}
  • Barack Obama 59% / 37% {+22%}
  • Frank Lautenberg 40% / 25% {+15%}
  • Bob Menendez 33% / 23% {+10%}
  • Chris Christie 43% / 53% {-10%}
Survey of 1,302 adults was conducted June 20-23, 2011. The margin of error is +/- 2.7 percentage points. Party ID breakdown: 29% Democrat; 23% Republican; 44% Independent.  Click here to view crosstabs.

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