Friday, July 15, 2011

Giuliani at Dartmouth: Top Three Economic Fixes

Giuliani: Obama, GOP Leaders ‘Acting Like Children’
Dartmouth Leading Voices in Politics and Policy (Photos)

At Dartmouth, Giuliani chided President Obama and Congressional Republicans for refusing to compromise in their ongoing talks on whether to raise the federal debt limit. Republicans need to accept lower spending cuts and Obama has to give up trying to raise taxes, he said. 
"They're not acting like adults. They're acting like children in a playpen who want all the toys to themselves," said the former mayor. 
In an interview after the government classes, Giuliani offered his cure for the ailing economy — reduce the federal budget, lower taxes, and realize that the economy is an integral part of the country’s foreign policy.

“An America with a weak economy is an America with a national security problem. We’ve got to pay a lot more attention to our economy. We’ve got to pay a lot more attention to our global relationships,” he said.

Can the more moderate Giuliani — who told students he opposes abortion but wouldn't outlaw the procedure, and spoke out against discrimination of gays and lesbians — win the backing of the GOP base, a student asked Giuliani. 
"That happens to be exactly what I'm thinking right at this minute as I'm here in New Hampshire," he said.

Is Rudy Giuliani running for president?

Giuliani told the students that success in politics is part calculation and part luck. And even though he hasn't made up his mind whether or not to run for president, he did make this prediction: "Unemployment is now 9.2 percent. If unemployment stays at 9.2 percent or gets worse, I don't care how good a politician President Obama is or how bad the Republican nominee is, the next president will be a Republican." 
On the other hand, Giuliani said if unemployment goes down to 6 percent or maybe 7 percent, it will be hard to beat Obama, no matter how good the Republican candidate is. 
"Even if it is me," he said.

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