Sunday, October 31, 2010

One last push in Fort Myers for both Crist and Rubio

Charlie Crist: "...If you are born in America, you’re an American..."

When Charlie Crist, Florida Governor and Senate candidate, was asked on the proposal to eliminate citizenship to children born in the U.S. if parents were illegal immigrants, Mr. Crist thought that wasn't right.
Mr. Crist said: " I don’t think that’s right. Tradition in America has always been, if you’re born in America you’re an American. I believe in that and it’s the right thing to do."   Mr. Crist also commented on one of his opponents Marco Rubio and said: ”Unfortunately he (Marco Rubio) doesn’t support the DREAM Act, doesn’t support rational immigration reform; he’s a radical extremist like Sarah Palin, and that’s not what we need, and that’s not what we want, and Florida deserves better.”

Mr. Crist's comments were made while he visited Hollywood, a city between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, in one of the stops in the last day of the three-day bus tour.

Mr Crist was accompanied by the Hollywood's Mayor Peter Bober and along Broadwalk Street he chatted with voters and the press before getting to Ocean Alley, a beach front restaurant, to chat with the brunch clients and even served some drinks.

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